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A longer time ago ...   versione testuale

M. Maria Teresalina

«… to the last drop!»

On 27th October 1947, Sister Maria Teresalina shed her blood in Kashmir, in the mountains of Pakistan (now India), a victim of political problems and tensions which existed and still exist. At the time, the news of her death reached beyond the limits of her religious family and her family circle, especially because of her youth and of her commitment: a young woman of 29 years, cut down at the dawn of life by a violent death freely accepted, after the example of Christ. According to the testimony of a sister who took care of her during the ten hours of her agony: “She suffered like a saint, she died like a martyr.».
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M. Marie Chrysanthe

«It is worth while living like that»

Marie Chrysanthe de Jésus - Franciscan Missionary of Mary - was a strong woman who lived the challenges that the history of her epoch sent her way, and that at the heart of fundamental values which could humanise our world of today. The example she gives us of struggling, of giving ourselves in joy and in hope, motivates us to place ourselves at the service of the Kingdom of God, to commit ourselves there where we are so that our world may become a fraternity and that solidarity may reign among us all.
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