Martedì 26 Maggio 2020

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Who are they?   versione testuale


We present to you
the life of seven
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
put to death for their faith in Christ,
together with several
bishops, priests, seminarians
and lay persons in faraway China,
on 9th July 1900 at Taiyuan-fou.
Why are we speaking
of them today?
Because they are martyrs,
that is witnesses who gave their lives
to Jesus and to his Gospel.
Today, as yesterday,
the sap which nourishes and unites
the martyrs of former times
with those of the present is the same:

The life of Jesus, testimony
of his love of the Father,
and his message of fraternity
without frontiers,
a fraternity built
on justice and mercy,
a fraternity
which constructs peace.
These men and women – witnesses of yesterday or today – have the same basic attitudes: openness to God, disponibility to the Spirit, daily engagement in the service of others, true love.

To know the seven martyrs, seven Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, can help us better understand God's ways in our own lives, and raise up or affirm in us a simple but real commitment to the service of the Gospel.

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