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Its Statistics   versione testuale

«God, in his goodness, has raised up our Institute for ends which,
although vast already, are not yet entirely known.»

   (Mary of the Passion, January 1904)
 Statistics: December 2017
Total of SistersCountries of Insertion
5474 74 79
Africa: 23
Asia: 18
Latin America: 12
North America: 2
Europe: 18
Oceania: 1
«Our nation is the whole human race»
  (Mary of the Passion)

North America:  American; Canadian

Latin America: Argentinean
; Bolivian; Brazilian; Chilean; Colombian; Cuban; Ecuadorian; Mexican; Nicaraguan; Paraguayan; Peruvian; Salvatorian; Uruguayan

Africa: Angolan; Beninese; Burkinese; Cap Verdean; Congolese; Congolese D.R.; Egytian; Ghanaian; Ivoirian; Kenyan; Liberian; Malagasy; Malian; Mauritian; Mozambican; Senegalese; South-African; Tanzanian; Togolese; Ugandan

Europe: Austrian; Belgian; Bosnian; British; Croatian; Dutch; French; German; Hungarian; Irish; Italian; Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; Russian; Scottish; Slovak; Slovenian; Spanish; Swiss; Ukranian

Asia:  Bruneian; Burmese; Chinese; Filipino; Indian; Indonesian; Iraqi; Japanese; Jordanian; Korean; Lebanese; Malaysian; Pakistani; Palestinian; Singapourean; Sri Lankan; Syrian; Taiwanese; Timorese; Vietnamese

Oceania: Australian
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