Martedì 7 Luglio 2020

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In the footsteps of Mary of the Passion and Saint Francis   versione testuale

Spiritual renewal is always a moment of peace and grace. At the end of the Pilgrimage Session from March 23 to May 7, 2019 in the footsteps of Mary of the Passion and Saint Francis, the Sisters Flora, Lilly and Gertrude each give a beautiful testimony on this profound experience lived in faith, joy and hope.

‘Peace and joy of the Risen Lord’
Coming together from eleven nationalities and living and sharing life together was a rich and beautiful experience. The journey of Blessed Mary of the Passion, continuously connected with God, sisters and people and zeal for mission, was an inspiration. Visiting mighty churches filled with beautiful artworks in Rome and Assisi increased my faith. Many saints in Italy did not become saints within a day. This hard work and sacrifice is an invitation in my life to seek God first and to celebrate my life to the best of my ability. The earnest desire for God in the life of Francis of Assisi and his total detachment calls for transformation in my life. The life of the Sisters in Sant Elena, Via Guisti and Assisi and their love, zeal and total commitment is a great example for my F.M.M. life. Sr. Lydia with her beautiful personality - simple, joyful, calm, and patient, and her systematic approach was edifying. With a grateful heart for all who accompanied me in this pilgrim journey I will live my life with passion and look to the future with hope. Thanks to all.
Flora Jeganath, fmm
Whisperings from my heart
Oh, what a privilege for me to be part of this pilgrimage to walk in the footsteps of Blessed Mary of the Passion and St. Francis and to taste the depth of our spirituality as an F.M.M. This journey gave me new life and new hope as a daughter of our Mother Foundress. I am proud to be an F.M.M. At the same time I am confronted and challenged by the constant emptying and letting go of our seraphic Father and our Mother Foundress for the greater glory of God and to make known God’s goodness and to witness to His merciful love. It is a great challenge for me to constantly empty and to let go of myself in daily life, especially when I have to admit my limitations like self-pride and self-righteousness. Sometimes I do not want to humble myself and accept the others when I am criticized and judged wrongly. But this pilgrimage helped and gave me the grace to realize my limitations to forgive and accept others. I am confident that God will give me these special graces of humility and forgiveness if I am open to Him by surrendering myself into His loving hands. I desire to be transformed and recommit myself in freedom to God our Father and continue to respond to His love for He is faithful even if I am unfaithful. I therefore commit myself to give more time for solitude and prayer so that I can be an instrument of peace, joy and forgiveness in my daily life. Once again thanks to my God for His unending blessings during this inner journey.
Lilly Duggimpudi, fmm
An experience beyond expression
The Lord is Alive and Good All the Time. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
My journey in the footsteps of Blessed Mary of the Passion in Rome and of St. Francis in Assisi has brought me to the following:
 A deeper knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Institute in the persons of Mama Passion and Father Francis
 That these two individuals though centuries apart, are very identical in their deep faith, love and response to God. They came to identify themselves in their particular day and time as mere mortals, sinful creatures of God who is not just Creator but a Loving Father
 That they were invited to pursue their purpose of life not just to love but to be love to all of creation
 While Father Francis sought to become this through Lady Poverty, living and preaching the gospel to all of creation in mountain caves, on the streets, and in the fields, Mama Passion was led to become a Victim for Christ, becoming a Foundress when she had not planned to do so
 Their complete faith and trust in God allowed them to embrace all kinds of sufferings-hunger, thirst, fatigue, sleeplessness, cold, rejection, ridicule, shame, false accusation and misjudgment all for the love of Him who loved them more than they could imagine
 With all their being they tried to live as the Good Book commands
 I am hereby called and challenged to become another Christ in order to claim my pride as an FMM and a true daughter of Blessed Mary of the Passion and St. Francis of Assisi
 Like St. Francis in his replacement in the Order in his intense sorrow and pain to see the brothers go contrary to their calling as he understood it, and Like Mama Passion in her deposition still convinced that God Reigns, may I abandon myself and all the suffering of pain and betrayal of our calling to you, Lord, trusting that conversion and transformation is Your work just as the Institute is Yours not mine.
 May the ears of my heart be ever open to hear and follow Your direction.
 Christ Is Truly Risen Alleluia! Let Us Be Glad And Rejoice Alleluia!
By Gertrude Akaku, fmm
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