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Marie de Saint Just   versione testuale

(Anne Moreau - French - 34 years old)
She was born on 9 April 1866 in the little village of la Faye,
in Atlantic-Loire. Her father, a well-to-do farmer, was known
in the village for his charity, his help towards those in need.
Anne inherited these family virtues. She was sensitive and courageous though sometimes a bit silent, aloof and serious. She preferred to stay with her mother rather than play with the other children, being also the 'spoilt child' of the house.

While still young she lost her father and had to assume the responsibilities of selling the agricultural produce. But she already felt the call to leave the house. "It seems to me", she confided one day to a cousin who remembered this, "that God is asking something
big of me. I want to go to China and give my life for the Chinese."

Her mother is against her vocation and she wants her to marry, but Anne remains firm. Without even saying goodbye to his family, she left for the novitiate in 1890. She began his religious life with enthusiasm, although his heart bleeds for the separation of his family

Then came the trial: she doubted her vocation which did not seem so attractive now and she did not feel that same apostolic zeal. The simple work without any show, seemed unbearable to her…

The future made her afraid, she suffered from scruples, doubted the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist… What to do: give up this road? Return home? That would be so easy. Marie de Saint Just was suffering. She prayed and opened her heart to Mary of the Passion, her superior general. In all loyalty, she revealed to her the torture she was going through and said: "I am nothing and did not know it". The words that Mary of the Passion asked her to pray constantly were those of Jesus: "Father, may your will, not mine, be done".

For several years the young sister who did not know the way of the great mystics, continued to suffer … clay kneaded by the potter. Helped by Mary of the Passion, she did not recoil but learned to stand firm by the cross with all her faith and all her strength. Little by little she overcame temptation and peace reigned in the depths of her being.

Her mother's death added to her sorrow, but God's will became her strength. In Vanves she learned how to use the printing machines, to make shoes for her sisters and to perform a thousand other little tasks to help and sustain the community.
After her Perpetual Vows, she was sent to China. She described the voyage humorously and on her arrival put all her talents at the service of the community and the orphans. She wrote: «I feel I have always lived here. I thank the Blessed Virgin to whom I have always prayed, and it is a consolation for me to tell you, Mother, that my trials have ended.» God gave peace to this missionary. Soon she would bear the supreme witness of Love.
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