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Maria della Pace   versione testuale

(Marianna Giuliani - Italian - 25 years old)

She was born in Aquila in Italy on 13 December 1875.
A poor home, a father with a difficult character, who easily
got into a rage and did not tolerate any religious practice
- to go to Church one had to do it stealthily - and the mother
worked, suffered, taught her daughters to love Mary. But illness took her away all too soon, and at the age of ten Marianna experienced the deep sorrow of losing her mother.
The father abandoned them; some other parents adopted the orphans. Marianna who was intelligent and fervent was directed by an uncle to the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

Mary of the Passion received her as a "probationer", that is to say, among the young girls who aspired to being missionaries. She completed her studies and strengthened her vocation in France.

She began her novitiate in 1892. She had various experiences in Paris where she was given the responsibility of a group of young, very difficult girls … Maria della Pace, with her serene kindness, succeeded in calming them down and gave them the opportunity to continue their growth in maturity … Then, she went to Vanves where she made her First
Vows. Later she shared in the foundation of a community in Austria: another language, other customs. All this prepared her for a departure further away, towards China. There, she was given the responsibility of organising the orphanage, the material work of the community and also the music and singing, for she was gifted with a beautiful voice.
Silent, Maria della Pace drew her strength from union with God, in constant prayer. The youngest of the seven, in the face of death, she had her hour of anguish, of agony like Jesus, but like Him also, she knew how to say "Yes" and gave herself up totally. She was only 25 years old.
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