Venerdì 22 Marzo 2019

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August 2 - Feast of Portiuncula   versione testuale

                                  The Vision to St. Francis at Porziuncola, 1667 Bartolome Esteban Murillo

 Happy Feast of Portiuncula!

 "In the humble sanctuary of the Portiuncula, Jesus and Mary, touched by Saint Francis’ love, appeared to him surrounded by innumerable angels. Francis, prostate before them, exclaimed:
“Most Holy Lord, King of heaven Redeemer of the world, sweet object of my love, and thou, Queen of the heavenly hosts, what attraction can this poor, humble place have for you?”
The Saviour replied:
“We have come, my Mother and I, to betroth you to this place of predilection, to this abode which is dear to us in a very special manner.”
Blessed Mary of the Passion - Meditation # 484
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