Giovedì 17 Gennaio 2019

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In the likeness of Francis of Assisi   versione testuale

Peace will then return…
                                                                                                       Painting of Sr. Frances Falk, fmm
If you believe that a smile is mightier than a weapon
If you believe in the power of the outstretched hand…
If you can look at others with a gleam of love,
If you can choose trust rather than suspicion…
If you consider that it is up to you to take the first step,
not to the other man,
If the glance of a child can still conquer your heart,
If you can rejoice in the joy of another…
If the injustice meted out to others disgusts you ass though it had befallen you,
If, for you, a foreigner is a new-found brother,
If, out of love, you can give up some of your time,
If you can accept an act of service from another,
If you know how to sweeten the bread you share by joining to it
a portion of your heart,
If you believe that forgiveness goes further than revenge…
If you can listen to a time-consuming tale of woe and show no sign
of weariness or impatience,
If you can say a sincere “mea culpa” instead of blaming others,
If, for you, the other is first and foremost a brother…
If you prefer to be wronged yourself rather than injure another,
If you refuse to turn a blind eye to the consequences of your words and actions,
If you can take the part of the poor and the oppressed without
seeing yourself as a hero,
If you consider love as the one and only deterrent,
If you really believe that peace is possible,
… PEACE will then return.
P. Guilbert, « Pax Christi »
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