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Assunta, a child in wonderment   versione testuale

7th November (+ 2 Videos)

Assunta lived a very short but very intense life!
She said nothing special.
She did not do anything great in the eyes of the world
but her life is a message!

Maria Assunta Pallotta was born on 20th August 1878 in Force, a small village perched on the summit of a hill opening out on to a vast horizon, in the region of the Marches in Italy.

She shared the simple, poor life of hard work of her milieu and her family, allowing to emerge in her the "true child" which is at the heart of each person: the limitless condifence in God who, she feels, loves her.

At the age of 20, she left her small village and became
Franciscan Missionnary of Mary. Her life continued to be simple and humble, marked by hard work, and she remained the child in wonderment at seeing her life transformed by the touch of God. Her spiritual testament tells us:

"I ask the Lord for
the grace
of making known
to the world
purity of intention,

which consists in doing everything for
love of God,

even the most
ordinary actions."
She died in China on 7th April 1905. Her laast words, in chinese, were: "Shen-ti! Shen-ti!": "the Eucharist! the Eucharist!"

She was beatified on 7th November 1954: it was the Chruch's seal on a simple, humble and poor life, penetrated by Love.

On her liturgical feast, we invite you to visit
the pages concerning Assunta  
and to watch and download two videos: 
"Sister Water" - CLICK HERE and "It is I, Assunta" CLICK HERE

Happy Feast!
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