Giovedì 18 Luglio 2019

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My Response to a religious sister who greeted me on my birthday   versione testuale

Dear Nicole (Denis) alias sister Saint Sylvie

Firstly thank you for the birthday wishes. Thanks too for being present at different levels of my schooling, as a teacher, a counselor, as an educator and a sister… Often I think of your dedicated life and your choice of life-style to serve others as a Franciscan Missionary of Mary, I recall the trouble you took to teach us, to educate us and make of us exemplary girls and outstanding citizens in a country which is not yours.

Today, my generation lives in two worlds: that of abnegation and self-sacrifice, the world of bravery, respect and of martyrdom (your type) and the other one is that of our small children - the world of egoism, individualism, of me and myself only. Disturbed between these two opposite poles, I think of my schooling and of Dar El Salam and I say to myself, what an opportunity we had to merit your dedication and benefit from your teaching and advice. The school had a role to play which the new generation has lost today, everywhere in the world and in Syria, much more after the war.
The school has become an obligation and a public service which every country must provide or a lucrative affair for businessmen. What a chance to have had you as the models which I try to imitate and perpetuate in my life with my years of education…Thank you. 
In fact, the Franciscan Mothers taught us and formed us to be women worthy of this responsibility that no man can bear or tolerate……. A complete being, who can give birth, educate, work, who can build an entire society with tons of love doubled with necessary firmness and create a healthy society of heart and of spirit.

Thank you very much, dear Sister Sainte Sylvie
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