CALLED         TO            BE           CREDIBLE          WITNESSES         TO          THE          COMPASSION           AND        JOY          OF          THE           GOSPEL
In Liberia the outbreak of Ebola virus made the people poorer and vulnerable because they are mostly of low income families across the country. Though Ebola is over yet its effect is lasting. The repercussion of the virus on the communities in Monrovia cannot be over emphasized… Our sisters are engaged in helping the orphans.
Sr. Marta Naumcyk shares with us her mission in the Prison Pastoral Care, where she experiences the goodness and the grace of God. “God did not give up on them. Together with the sisters, we do various things there, behind the bars of Lublin Prison. We prepare groups or individuals for receiving the sacraments; visit those who wish to talk face to face”.
AIDS has ravaged Mozambique. Widows and orphans are victims of this illness, which makes them very weak, and makes them poor at every level. The sisters of the community accompany the sick people and relieve their sufferings to give them back some hope for their lives.
The Workshop of Leadership for Local Superiors continue to take place around the world until October 27, 2017.
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