CALLED         TO            BE           CREDIBLE          WITNESSES         TO          THE          COMPASSION           AND        JOY          OF          THE           GOSPEL
AIDS has ravaged Mozambique. Widows and orphans are victims of this illness, which makes them very weak, and makes them poor at every level. The sisters of the community accompany the sick people and relieve their sufferings to give them back some hope for their lives.
The Workshop of Leadership for Local Superiors continue to take place around the world until October 27, 2017.
Alleluia! Christ is alive!The resurrection of Christ shows us that God is the God of life and love and encourages us to keep hope alive! He calls us to be witnesses of his resurrection around us. May the power of the Risen shines in our lives!
Christ on the cross is the brightest Epiphany in which we can see God! In Christ, God opens his arms to love.
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